So How Much More “White Girl” Can I Get?? (a tid bit on me)

Answer: not much, although I have never (and will never) own Ugg boots. ew

As mentioned in my little “about” thing-a-majig, I’m anonymous (srry but I have to be different somehow..). Also mentioned, I have no idea how many eyes will see this and its really more of a diary, at least for now. 

Here’s my story:

Born in the PNW (pacific north west, duh), where my parents were born and raised and where the whole fam is. Moved to the south (quite a jump, I know) when I was 6. As much as I love the PNW, I love the south more. Moving so young made it easy for the “ya’ll” and southern hospitality to soak in, but I will forever turn my nose up towards sweet tea. Middle school was rough. My awkward phase was more awk than it had it be because I was a fashionista and I refused to be mainstream and wear Aropostle (is that how it’s spelled?) and Hollister written across my flat chest. Yep that’s right, I woke up an hour early every day to put together an outfit, often sponsored by Delia’s, and some heels that I thought I ruled the school in. I didn’t, BTW. High school was my “butterfly” phase.. you know… go in as a shy prude, come out as a “who gives a f*ck” hoe. I loved high school: the football games, the friends, the lack of responsibility. Some of you are probably like “what the hell? she liked high school?” yes OK I loved it, I’m pretty sure I peaked there. Sad but true. Moving on to college was the hardest and weirdest thing EVER. I moved 5 hours from my amazing family who I’m obsessed with (“WHAT she likes her fam too??” I know I’m a rare breed) to a cold, dusty, bug infested closet. Don’t get me wrong, I do like college, I mean I made it to second semester alive, right?! I just miss home and making friends is hard and college gives you an ample amount of time to think about what the heck you are going to do with your life, which is scary as hell.

Some precautions for you: I overthink everything, I’m allergic to politics, even though I love fashion I wear a t-shirt everyday, and I really have no idea what I’m doing ever.

That, my Wannabes, is the short version. We will get into the juicy stuff (lemme tell ya, its juicy) later.

Right now I just wanna take a sec to talk to whoever is listening:

I’m writing this is ease myself into finding myself and I want to take you with me cause I’m a girl and you’re a girl (if you’re not then srry girls only) and girls are in this together. I’m awful at taking advice but I wanna give you some (maybe I’m talking to myself, lol how awk is that), and I hope you enjoy the rambles.

WOW how sappy was that, huh?

All my love & more,

Miss Bradshaw Wannabe



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