My Netflix Suggestions For You

Quick post here…

First, if you don’t have a Netflix, please think about what your doing, thing get one. Its so worth it.

Second, when you get one, you MUST watch the most important shows in life:

Friends: a classic. I want to be Rachel. Sad? Watch Friends. Happy? Watch Friends. This show will make you laugh GUARANTEED (pinky promise) and who doesn’t secretly have a thing for 90s clothes (they are coming back ya know).

Gilmore Girls: Mom/Daughter Goals fr. This show makes your heart warm, but the first season is a little slow. You can do it. You have to. It will make you wish you were a Gilmore (another pinky swear).

Gossip Girl: Even if you don’t like fashion, I still suggest this one. It teaches you how no to be a complete bitch and a few things about fashion and everyone loves a little drama…right..? Plus hot boys.

One Tree Hill: Okay, if you don’t like feel good/basic shit, this ones for you. OTH may seem like another girly show but don’t be fooled. Its basically a soap opera but with better lines and hotter dudes.  By the end of it you will feel connected to the characters (pinky swear).

I know these are so basic but they changed ma lyfe… pinky swear. 


All my love & more,

Miss Bradshaw Wannabe


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