My Moment of Happiness ft. a BlowPop

It is 71 degrees right now.

I am sucking on a BlowPop.

Listening to my favorite song.

Soaking up the sun and realizing how content I am.

As humans, we often consume ourselves with the problems of the world and the problems inside of us. We put on blinders that cause us to have tunnel vision, only focusing on the negative and the scary. There are major issues going on in our world right now that need attention and need to be resolved, but I challenge you to rest your voice and just sit outside for 5 minutes. Put some headphones on and blare your favorite song. Eat a BlowPop. Feel the blanket of warmth that the sun provides, maybe even tanning you. Pause for 5 minutes to take in the silence and the goodness this world still has to offer.

As much as it doesn’t seem like it, we are still okay. Yes I know, there is a ton of crazy shit happening. But there is also good shit!!! Beyonce is pregnant…… with twins!!!! How freaking awesome is that?! The Falcons are going to the Superbowl in like 3 days #riseup!!!!! I got a 96 on a French Quiz!!!! wow!!!!

Right now I am at peace with everything. I’m happy. I know it will probably fade into a mental breakdown soon, but right now, I am happy. Every chance we get in this scary world to be happy is a moment to cherish. That’s so cheesy but its true.

Happiness can be found in anything. Please find yours.

All my love & more,

Miss Bradshaw Wannabe


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