He Wept

Caution: I am going to get religious for a minute.

If you read my last post, you would now that I’m kind of in a rut, a soulfight, as I called it. But I found my leg-up: God.

Now listen. I am not some Christian freak who thinks that if you don’t believe in my God than your stupid, and that everything can be cured by prayers, or that “let go and let God” is a reasonable view on life. No. However, I do think that there is someone or something up there that has a big say in how this bat-shit crazy universe works. I do think that God’s word has healing powers. I do think that He hears my prayers.

This “soulfight” that I’m currently in was slowly chiseling at my hopes and dreams. The mere thought of it was suffocating. And what do I do when I’m lost? I sit down with a big ‘ole cup of joe, crack open my bible, and turn to Him. He is there ya’ll, I promise.

“Jesus wept” John 12:9

Let me give you some context: So Lazarus died and Mary and Martha are pissed that Jesus wasn’t there in time to heal him, like he had healed everyone else. Mary was so upset that she wept at his feet, which moved Jesus to tears. He was so upset, so troubled at the sight of her pain that the son of God CRIED. JESUS CRIED….FOR MARY.

He feels our pain. We do not ever walk alone or through pain or happiness that He doesn’t feel also. He is right there, always. This soulfight, this confusion, this pain that I am going through, He is too. He is feeling my emotions and hearing my prayers.

If you keep reading, Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead. He carried through. He showed up late, wept, yet He carried through. It brings me great comfort to know that Jesus will carry me through. He will be right there, feeling everything I feel, hearing and answering my prayers, all the way until I get to go home. My soulfight is tough and it is messy, but I will win and I will find the way out and I will have company.

So dust off, stand up, and keep going because you are not alone and you will get through this. We both will.

All my love & more,

Miss Bradshaw Wannabe


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