Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes

Especially during my time at college, I find myself sitting in my bed complaining about grades, my health, or the fact that my life is going nowhere. Maybe I am like this because I’m 18 and whining is just a part of my DNA, but I have come to realize that nothing changes if nothing changes.

Let’s talk about some examples:

Grades: Bad. Poop. Not ok. Do you want to take a wild guess as to why they are poop??? Because I’m lazy and this semester, my motivation has sunk like a brick in the ocean. As I came to the end of the year, I realize that if I would’ve just tried harder, studied a little more, actually put effort into the work, I would’ve come out with good grades. I can’t change the past, but I can promise myself to do better, try harder, and put in the effort next year. And I will, come hell or high water.

Lemme just tell you, the Freshmen 15 is a real thing. Don’t act like it’s not, and if you tell me that you actually lost weight, I will give you a dirty look. It’s not terribly noticeable, but I can tell by looking in the mirror that my thighs are bigger, my love handles are extra lovey, and I have a little pouch that never seems to go away. And it’s not just weight! Your skin dulls and ages about 5 years. You turn into all fat and bones, no muscle, just ramen. I want to be fit and glowing and healthy, like really healthy, by the time I come back next year. So this summer, I will work my ass off, eat great real food, get a tan, and come back a new person.

I am 18 years old. I am a freshman in college. I have got to stop putting myself down so much because I have so much of my life ahead of me. I have 3 years to figure it out and shape myself into the women I want to become. I have God leading me in the right direction and trust in His plan. I will go far, and I will get a freaking rad job, and I will be okay. I have to put in the time and the effort to do it, but it will happen, weather the universe likes it or not.

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

It’s like sitting in a pile of mud*, wet and cold, when there’s a house and a new pair of clothes inside waiting for you. Get up, stop whining, and get your ass inside. Make a plan and figure it out. And if you don’t figure it out right now, pray about it and do what you can until you do figure it out.

Nothing in this world is set in stone, nothing is forever.

Change if you need to change. Go inside.

Just get your ass out of the mud.

All my love and more,


*PS: LOOK HOW CUTE THAT PUPPY IS ALL COVERED IN MUD!!! He got out of the mud, so can we…. Be the puppy. Be the puppy.


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